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                                      Travel Visa to Russia. Advice. / Виза

 It is pretty simple to apply for visa: submit a form and required documents.

 But if you never had done it before -may be your want for a little extra money hire online

 services. Just make sure to check reviews for that online company you select.

 Here are some tips:

                 Before you apply for Russian visa :



                      1. Make reservation at hotel; and get Visa Voucher from that hotel.

                      2. Make sure your passport is not expired!  

                      3. Please make sure that you apply for Tourist Visa (NOT business visa).

                         Because purpose of your visit to Russia - travel. You are not doing any business deal

                          in Russia or sell anything.

                          We all are independent artists. Each of us is doing independent travel plans,

                           hotel reservations, etc.


          You do not have to have official invitation                      

                         A)   If you apply for visa directly to Russian Consulate: you will need confirmation of your

                                reservation at that hotel and Visa support document (Visa Voucher).  Two hotels which

                                are giving to Salon special prices will provide them for you.

                                For details email Salon host please at 2016salon@gmail.com


                            B) If you use visa online companies (for example www.gotoRussia.com) . They provide

                               invitation themselves ; Please have hotel reservation. Visa Support document

                               (Visa Voucher) - also is a plus


                      4. It could take couple weeks or up to 3 moths or sometimes longer to get your visa.


                      5. Please write on application form your dates correctly:

                          in Russia the date is  as follow: Date/Month/Year 

                          (versus in USA it is Month/Date/Year)


                      Check with Embassy in your country (you can email them or call). But:

                       You can apply for single entry Tourist visa 3 months in advance.

                         For multi-entry visa - now.


What is Visa support document?

 Russian visa support document (also known as invitation) is needed in order to get a Russian visa.

 The tourist visa support is comprised of 2 things:

             a Tourist Voucher  and a Reservation confirmation from hotel.

   Many hotels will give you Tourist Voucher or free or for a little charge when you book a room.



                 Three ways to apply for Tourist Visa


1.  Have hotel reservation and Tourist Voucher (from that hotel) and apply to Russian Consulate.

     (usually hotel gives Voucher to you for free or very little charge)

2.  My opinion - it is the easiest way. Use online companies which can assist you with application and

     getting  visa.

3. If you do not have hotel reservation : You can use online visa support companies  which can get  you

    invitation from official company in Russia and  Tourist Voucher. 

    So then you can use it when you apply for visa to Russian Consulate.



 1. Applying for visa at Russian Consulate in your country.


 A website where you can find  information, forms and to apply for Tourist Visa to Russia for a person

  from any  country  is:


 Just select in pull-down menu your country and you will see cities-addresses where you can

 apply for visa. You will be able to read info in your language instructions and all information.


 You can apply for visa yourself or for extra $25 Russian Visa center can complete a visa application

 and make corrections on your behalf.  To do that - go to that website and click (on the top of page)

 "additional services".


  For example if you select USA, then from the menu (on the left) I click on "all about Visas",

 then "Step-by-step  instructions" it will show you : Steps to obtaining a Russian Visa-


  You can also email your questions to Russian Embassy directly. To do that :

  - select your country and city  on page http://www.ils-usa.com/index.php?id=index&lang=en

  - then click on contact info;

 It will show you contact email address; phone numbers, etc.

       For example for Paris, France contact info page is -


 For USA-New York -  http://www.ils-usa.com/main.php?id=contact2&lang=en


   In Spain - h http://www.russianembassy.biz/spain-madrid.htm


              Well you can find on google.com websites for Russian Embassy for any country



2. Use online companies which can assist you with application


- You can have that service for a little extra (as described above) when you select "additional services".

 You can find such companies in your country. Here are 3 examples :


                - In USA:

    Several Salon members used  http://www.gotorussia.com and already received their visas.


     People at gotoRussia.com is very friendly and will answer all your question by phone or email.

     Please make sure you have reservation at hotel.

     You can also give them Travel Voucher (Visa support document - it is official invitation to Russia)

       from your hotel  in St.Petersburg.

      GotoRussia.com can also provide invitation to Russia  for you.


              - in France

          I've been told that very good online company to use-

                   "Russie Autrement" http://www.russieautrement.com/  


            - in Italy :

        Salon members from Italy wrote to me that it took 20 days to received visa through

                         local tourist company: http://www.listrop.com/it




3.  Use online visa support companies  which can get  you invitation invitation


 You can find different online companies who can help you with that.

 One of these companies : "Way To Russia" has very good explanation and step by step process.





                                 Happy travels!

   SALON 2016 St.Petersburg, Russia



email:  2016salon@gmail.com


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