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               Arriving to St.Petersburg Russia:

  By plane:


  You can bring your panels and declare them with customs

 if you want.  I wrote about that in email to Salon-group on March 15th.  If you missed it -

 email me and I will resend that email to you..


                       Links to airport sites and map:

              LED-Pulrovo airport website and info ->

   Meeting point and Taxi stand at the 1st Floor map ->


              LED-Pulrovo airport  Map: All floors->

 On that link -click on "Pulkovo-1"  tab on the left to see plans. 

 Move mouse over that plan to see descriptions.

  1st floor - Arrivals;

  3rd floor- Departures.

  Meeting point and Taxi stand - on the 1st floor. (see money exchange below)


                               Your Arrival and taxi

  You will arrive to the airport: St. Petersburg LED-Pulkovo

  I recommend to take taxi or order a ride from your hotel  in advance.

 1) Taxi: You can find taxi stand INSIDE airport (see link to plan above). 

 They speak English, and they will give you a ticket with a price you will have to pay for a trip.

  They also will explain where to go to your taxi and taxi car number.

 2) Ride from your hotel

 Please  contact your hotel in advance - email them. Details are at -

  Hotel Ambassador  -  http://en.ambassador-hotel.ru/concierge/airport/

  Hotel Oktiabrskaya - http://www.oktober-hotel.spb.ru/eng/transfer.asp


 Please have address of your hotel in English and Russian!!!

  (I would have that with me at any time anyway.

  As I did in Tokyo at Salon Tokyo, where I could not pronounce anything in Japanese.)


 Distance :

 1. from  Hotel "Ambassador" - 15.6 km / 9.7 mi. 

                        (last year it was about $12 by taxi)

   2.  from    Hotel Oktiabrskaya  about the same distance.


    Money Exchange
   You can use your credit card to get cash from ATM machines on the first floor.

 I do not see Cash Exchange kiosks on that map.

 As in every country airports  exchange rate at the airport is not the best. So I usually exchange or

 take from ATM equivalent of  $100 in local currency.

 I would never trust black market and never used them.

 There are ATM machines at LED airport and all over St.Petersburg in banks.

 PS Many restaurants, stores and museums in St.Petersburg take Visa and Master cards,

 some take American Express cards


  If you arrive to St.Petersburg by Train from Moscow:

 If you arrive to St.Petersburg from Moscow by train :

1. To get to our hotel 1 - "Ambassador" you can take taxi (about 10 min ride)

  2.  To get to hotel 2- you can take taxi (3 min or so ) or walk 3-5 min;
   If you want to travel from St.Petersburg to Moscow

 It takes only 3.5 or 4 hours if you will go to Moscow by high-speed train.

                MAKE sure before you apply for visa:

 to have Hotel reservation and Travel Voucher from your hotel in Moscow also.


 I think it is the best way to travel between these two great cities. High speed train name is SAPSAN.

 Very comfortable, stuff speaks English, service is just great.

 When you buy  First class it includes 3 course meal and wine. Second class is very good too but without

 meal and wine. Well, you can buy it there actually. 

 Click SAPSAN to buy your thickets in English on  .


 Also: Train from Moscow will arrive to St.Petersburg train station "Moskovski",

  which is a 3 -5 min  walk to our second hotel.

( I emailed to Salon members  that hotel info and special rates)


    Wheather in St.Petersburg

Weather  in May 2016 St.Petersburg, Russia:  ----> click to see weather in  May 2016

Weather statistics in May St.Petersburg, Russia:

       May 2014  -highest +33 C / +91.4 F  ----> click to see weather in May 2014

       May 2015  -highest +24 C / +75.20F ----> click to see weather in May 2015


      In General:

 As always when you travel in big cities:

- Have your hotel name and address (in Russian and English);

- watch your pockets and purses;


    UBER ,Salon Venue, Hotels & City Center



                 Center of St.Petersburg-Salon Venue and Hotels-->

    People and customs in St.Petersburg

 Many people in St.Petersburg and Russia love art and artists. Even during winter you can see long

 lines of people on the street in front of museums or exhibition.

Many street signs, as well and signs in the metro are

 in 2 languages : Russian and English.




 In majority hotels, restaurants and stores Many hotels people who work there, speak a little bit of

 English as in many other cities in the world they do. In many restaurants you can ask for menu in

 English.  You can read review on trpidvisor about thousands of restaurants in St.Petersburg.

      click to see restaurants on Nevsky prospect (close to our hotels)--->----->

 Small tip is included at cafes and restaurants. It is polite to leave a little more - about 10% of

 your  check.


 As we all travel a lot - we know that in every big city in the world there are good and bad areas. 

 Historical center of St.Petersburg where our hotels, venue, Nevsky, Hermitage are very safe.

 Perhaps some remote areas are not safe, but I do not really know. I feel always safe when I travel

  in  St.Petersburg and Moscow. As well as my American husband who loves visiting Russia.






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